Button Framing

This little gem is only about 10×8 inches in size!
Our challenge was to frame a set of six antique embroidered buttons to display on a wall instead of being hidden in a draw away from view .
We used a deep rebated frame so we could keep the buttons from touching the glass. A nice job which increased the value of the buttons but I’m told they’re not for sale.

Button Framing


Signed Rubgy Shirts Framed

We were asked to frame this shirt to be auctioned for charity. The shirt from ROB BURROWS of Leeds Rhino’s was a his actual shirt from his own testemonial game which he has signed. We decided to show images of him through his years at the club along with a title window and the club logo at the top.
We did charge but not anything like the price it should have been.

If you or any of your friends have something like this to frame, it would cost £150 to do it as shown with photos etc.
We do frame shirts with a title window and club logo starting from £90.

Signed Rugby Shirts Framed

Signed Rugby Shirts Framed


Photography Frames

These frames we make with Manhattan Moulding,the two larger frames use the 40mm frame moulding with a matching fillet around the apperture.All the frames are for 7×5 photos.
The triple frame is approximately 33×13 inches overall and would usually cost £85. The single is about 15×13 jnches and would cost £45.
Until the end of February we’re offering these for £72 and £36 to anyone who LIKES them and leaves a COMMENT too. Or why not grab a real bargain and take the full set including two desk top frames,all for £99.
You can give us your 7×5 photos and we’ll frame them complete ready ready to hang free of charge.


Bespoke Rosette Framing

Here’s a great example of a very proud moment captured in a frame to show off on your walls instead of being lost in a draw and the back of your mind. Do you recognise it Janey? Show your friends, everyone has some event or treasured moment they’d love to show off. Bespoke frames made to measure for the job is what we’re here to do.


Lee Bowyer 1999/2000 season Signed Football Shirt

One of our customers managed to acquire this shirt from the 1999/2000 season. Leeds finished 3rd in the premiership. Lee Bowyer has signed it and it has a certificate of authenticity. HAPPY DAYS at Elland Road. I wish it was mine!

Lee Bowyer SIgned Football Shirt

Lee Bowyer SIgned Football ShirtLee Bowyer SIgned Football Shirt

Mike Tyson Signed Photo And Glove

This was a great job to do. signed photo’s and signed glove of Mike Tyson. A deep box mount had to be made to accommodate the glove.The customer loved it and we were very pleased with the way it turned out.

Mike Tyson Signed Glove

Mike Tyson Signed Glove