George Friend water colour artwork framed

Here is George Friend’s latest piece. An original water colour+ink of “The Shambles” in York.
Framed here at Impact Framing and is on sale at the Newburgh Gallery, Dodworth Rd near Town End.


Wedding Photograper Charlotte East

Wedding and Event Photographer Charlotte East is about to make the step from being employed as a photographer to running her own Business,
These frames are for display at Wedding Events over the coming months.
We’re proud to be asked to frame for Charlotte and wish her all the best in the future.  tel: 07426896391

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Dransfield Properties Penistone

Here’s just one of around forty frames we’ve supplied over the past few weeks to a great customer of ours, Dransfield Properties based in Penistone.
They’ve developed the Tesco building + the market building and have recently opened the new shop and office complex on the mini roundabout as you enter Penistone.
All the frames are for their new Head Quarters.


Glendean Photography

This is a great photo taken by Shaun of Glendean Photography, its signed by Fiona Bruce whilst she was doing the Antiques Roadshow at Wentworth Woodhouse last week. We’ve framed it and Shaun is going to be auctioning it for Children in need.


Barnsley College Order For Chengdu College in China

Wednesday morning, here’s Craig starting our latest order for Barnsley College . We’ll show you the finished frame a little later,maybe tomorrow. It is one of eleven frames we’ve been asked to make for the international department to celebrate their successful collaboration with Chengdu College in China.

Barnsley College Order

Images Digital Printed And Framed – Impact Framing Barnsley

This customer emailed three photos through to us at . We had them printed and framed them in this Antique Silver 3 inch moulding with a matching fillet mount . Great family moments bespoke framed in great quality frames give your home the finishing touch and cost less than you think.
Post it for your friends to see!!

Customer Images Printed And Framed

Customer Images Digital Printed And Framed

12×10 Sewing Piece Frame

This frame is only about 12×10 inch in size. The item inside looks like a little dress but is actually a ‘sample sewing piece’ . The lady who brought it in told me that her mother made it as a girl. She decided it was time to show it off by framing it and putting on the wall for all to see. It’s in a deep frame so that it sits back in the frame away from the glass. All kinds of little keepsakes make great framed pieces for your home

Sewing Piece Frame

Sewing Piece Frame

Barnsley Civic Trust Frame

This frame for the Barnsley Civic Trust has its logo engraved into the frame itself. It adds £15 to the frame price but makes it really stand out from the crowd.Please show your friends if you think it could be something they might want.It’s great for businesses or sports clubs.

Barnsley Civic Trust

Barnsley Civic Trust